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Marketing is often a deciding factor between business which are successful or the ones who can barely can pay their bills. Marketing lets businesses to get to know their customers, who are they, what are their preferences and how to reach them. 

Therefore, it is really important to invest to your marketing. Since, business is all about problem solving and knowing what problems are people having, and finding people with problems which your business helps to solve are essential.

WordPress Web Design

A great website design can be the most cost-effective advertising method for your business. How your website looks and functions greatly influences your customer’s perception of your business.

We also offer web development services to give your web presence awesome functionality for your customers.

Logo & Graphic Design

If you need logo design, graphics for your website, or print collateral, we will help define your brand across all media. With our one-stop shopping approach your branding will be consistent and convenient.

Web Hosting

Starting at $20 a month, our professional website hosting includes robust security, automatic backups, and heroic support.

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It is a distinct pleasure for me to recommend Herophy to any and all interested parties. They have been professional, comprehensive and competent throughout the process of our working together. We feel that we have established a relationship with them for years to come. The reaction to our new web site has been overwhelmingly positive. Herophy is a great company to work with as they are always responsive and willing to do what it takes to get the job done right and in a timely manner. They are very reliable and intelligent. Keep up the fantastic work!
I have been working with herophy.com for a while now it has been more than 10 years. I began our partnership with them, since my first website creation, we have updated this website 3 times during this time and we keep upgrading it. I have learned a lot from Herophy, I’ve got lessons on how to work with different CMS (content management systems) software like Koken and WordPress. They, offer professional consultations for SEO, brand awareness and advertisement on social media. They gave me great and simple advices on how to increase the number of likes on my posts.
Our company had a great pleasure to work with Herophy. The team of professionals has not only exclusive web design knowledge, but also broad understanding of marketing and sales and great attitude towards client‘s needs. You always feel supported in all matters. Would definitely be back to Herophy again.
Jovita Navickaite herophy service feedback
Jovita Navickienė
Melynoji Vakarienė CEO

Reasons why web design is important for your business

When you think about renewing your old website, you might question it’s importance. Will it influence your business, how will impact your audience? Let’s have a look at 3 main reasons why web design is important for your business.

1. It helps to create your brand image

When it comes to internet age, everything has to be fast passed with no time to waist. Therefore, most of the people, would check a company’s website before taking any other action. Meaning that your website is the thing that helps to create an image of your company, it is the thing that makes the first impression.

If your website is slow to load, is difficult to navigate and has unattractive design, it will leave a negative impression about your company. Furthermore, you might lose a potential client without ever knowing that he existed. While, he will be still in need for a thing he was looking for, so most probably he will go to your competitor’s page.

While, if your website will leave a customer with a positive image of your company, there is higher chance that he will look no further. Meaning, that an old school, difficult to use website, is less likely to bring you new customers, while beautiful and smooth web is not only more likely to attract potential customers, but also to leave a good impression for the ones who haven’t yet decided to buy from your business.

2. It helps you with search engine optimization (SEO)

Elements and practices on your web design how you publish content, strongly influence your website’s performance on search engines. How their spiders crawl and index your business website.

This is important for your website to be seen by new customers. If your on-page SEO fundamentals are not done well, it will be really difficult to fight your competition for visibility on search engines from the very beginning.

Aside from the way how the content is published on your website, some web design elements are directly linked to SEO in and of themselves. Web design is usually difficult to understand for those who are not familiar with it. Although, to make it simple, website needs to be SEO friendly.

3. Your competitors are doing it

Last but not least, important reason why web design is important, your competitors are already make use of their web design. If you wish to remain in competition with them, you must use web design for your business.

You want your website to out compete your rivals. Your website is outdated, slow and not mobile friendly, your competition will be far ahead of you. Their well-designed website will not only perform better, but also will be organically indexed higher then you in search engines.

To put it simply, it means that your competition will get most leads, while you will get only few of them. Just because, their page will be more appealing.

You have to look at a website as an opportunity to create your brand image for the customer, to stand out from competition. Generally competition means that you provide the same service with similar pricing. With a good communication on your website, you are able to differentiate your business from your competitors. You are able to give your audience a reason why they should buy from your business instead of your competitors.

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